Can An Israeli Discovery Bring Relief To The Lives Of Patients Battling Inflammatory Diseases Worldwide?

According to field reports, the answer is definitely YES! (See users' testimonials below)

After gathering substantial evidence from patients whose lives have changed dramatically, the team at Amorphical is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking discovery that has brought considerable relief to individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease, colitis, and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

The constant challenges faced by patients with inflammatory bowel diseases—frequent restroom visits, diarrhea, isolation, dietary restrictions, and the overall struggle to maintain a normal life—have always been at the forefront of our scientists’ minds. In response to these challenges, we have recently expanded our production capacity, enabling us to offer our innovative solution, PH Gastrilex, internationally for the first time beyond the borders of Israel. This remarkable development is specifically designed to provide relief and support for individuals experiencing the pain and discomfort associated with Crohn’s disease and colitis. Below, you will find testimonials from people whose lives have been significantly transformed by PH Gastrilex, alongside an explanation of the unique approaches that differentiate our product from any other on the market.

An area in the body inflamed with a gastrointestinal disease

An area in the body inflamed with a gastrointestinal disease

First: Why is this considered a scientific breakthrough? It is recognized as a scientific breakthrough because of their innovations related to anti-inflammatories, all hinging on the technology they pioneered. This technology paves a new path for patients. During their trials, they successfully replicated nature’s processes within the human body. This is a groundbreaking revolution, akin to the discovery of penicillin or the realization that ulcers result from bacteria. They address inflammations from an entirely fresh perspective, introducing an entirely new realm of science. To elaborate, currently, individuals consume various types of anti-inflammatory medications to treat chronic inflammations. These aren’t natural substances and often have adverse side effects, not to mention their dubious effectiveness (as you might have encountered). Their groundbreaking approach treats inflammation by mirroring the body’s natural mechanism employed to counter inflammatory reactions. For years, countless global institutions endeavored to perfect miniaturization technology, and this is where inflammation global care triumphed. This miniaturization technology enables the body to produce more bicarbonate (which it naturally uses against inflammation), reaching inflamed areas efficiently across all body cells. Their researchers succeeded in developing anti-inflammatory agents in the laboratory using natural minerals. Their core component is minuscule, 10 times smaller than a virus, adept at targeting the acidic extracellular environment and treating it, thus neutralizing inflammation.

A close-up view of a cell affected by Crohn’s disease

This miniaturization technology can target the extracellular acidic environment.
NASA isn’t the only entity intrigued by their work. Far from it!
Numerous investors from Israel and overseas have discerned the exceptional developments underway in the Desert, backing their ongoing research and development. They take pride in their remarkable partnerships with academic institutions and researchers in the US and Europe. Initially skeptical, the Company’s employees now operate with a profound sense of purpose, fully aware they’re part of a transformative scientific endeavor that could redefine inflammation managment. This technology is here for the long haul. Their recent double-blind study confirmed that their primary component is effective against Coronavirus with a 100% success rate. Additionally, in collaboration with NASA, they demonstrated their pioneering patent’s capability to foster bone and muscle cell growth.

They are confident in their breakthrough.

A close-up view of a cell affected by Crohn’s disease

Numerous forward-thinking mainstream physicians have incorporated their product, PH Gastrilex, driven by the desire to stay updated. They’ve received testimonials from many inflammatory bowel disease patients, previously let down by traditional medicine, who then experimented with PH Gastrilex upon their doctor’s advice. The results were positive.


Choosing PH Gastrilex means embracing a solution that stands at the forefront of health innovation. It is not merely about managing symptoms but fundamentally altering the inflammatory landscape for lasting relief. This product not only neutralizes inflammation but also supports tissue repair, balancing the body’s pH levels with essential minerals for comprehensive healing.

Key Features:

  • Precision Delivery: Utilizes cutting-edge technology for the targeted release of amorphous nano minerals, directly addressing areas of chronic inflammation.
  • Controlled Release: Amorphous nano minerals are meticulously engineered to adjust acidity levels, promoting the restoration of affected tissues.
  • Scientifically Backed: Supported by 130 patents, PH Gastrilex is the culmination of rigorous research and dedication to scientific excellence.
  • Natural Mechanism: Inspired by the body’s production of bicarbonate for acidity regulation, offering a natural solution to bolster the body’s defense against inflammation.
  • Innovative Approach: With 78% of users reporting noticeable improvements, PH Gastrilex provides a promising alternative to traditional methods, emphasizing safety and long-term well-being.
  • Inspiration from Nature: Developed from nano-amorphous technology, mirroring the regenerative abilities of the blue crayfish, allowing for comprehensive cellular reach and healing.

PH Gastrilex is beneficial for individuals with Crohn’s and colitis because it embodies a novel approach to inflammation, a critical challenge in medicine. With 78% of our clients reporting noticeable improvements within the first few weeks, it offers a promising alternative to traditional treatments.

Our breakthrough utilizes nano-amorphous technology inspired by the unique capabilities of the blue crayfish studied by researchers at Ben Gurion University. This technology allows for the creation of amorphous minerals, which are significantly smaller than crystalline elements and can reach and nourish every cell, effectively targeting and treating inflamed areas. Unlike traditional treatments that can be harmful over the long term, PH Gastrilex is designed for safe, prolonged use.

The product works by adjusting the body’s pH levels at inflammation sites and delivering essential minerals needed for tissue repair. This “hybrid solution” not only neutralizes inflammation but also promotes healing in a balanced and comprehensive manner. It’s a revolutionary method that offers a more natural and potent approach to managing inflammatory bowel diseases.

By choosing PH Gastrilex, you are opting for a scientifically backed, patented formula that has been synthesized, stabilized, and preserved in collaboration with leading experts. This global solution empowers you to regain control over your health and could be the key to a life free from the discomfort of chronic inflammation.

Is PH Gastrilex right for you? Given its success with thousands of users, we encourage you to try it and experience its benefits firsthand.

The effectiveness of PH Gastrilex is substantiated by a solid foundation of research and clinical study outcomes. To delve into the specifics, we invite you to visit our repository of scientific articles and findings at:


These resources include detailed discussions on the science behind our innovation and its application in the management of inflammatory conditions.

The efficacy of PH Gastrilex is not only supported by extensive research and clinical studies but also by real-life applications within Israel. Serving as a living laboratory, Israel offers proof of concept for inflammation management with PH Gastrilex, evidencing life-changing improvements in individuals dealing with chronic inflammation. Tens of thousands have incorporated Amorphical products into their daily regimen, finding relief from conditions such as chronic inflammation, osteoporosis, sports injuries, Crohn’s, and colitis. Their collective experience underlines the product’s ability to significantly enhance the quality of life. This stands in stark contrast to the long-term risks often associated with conventional medications. The recent approval of PH Gastrilex by the Israeli ministry of health(MOH) is a testament to its safety and potential in effectively managing chronic inflammatory conditions.

Yes, the company’s products have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to ensure high product safety standards (ISO9001, HACCP regulations) and are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. IGC aims to provide its customers with high-quality, safe, and effective nutritional innovations.

Recommended Usage of PH Gastrilex Based on User Experiences

Approach A (Gradual Increase):

For most users, we recommend starting with Approach A.

  • Week 1: Begin with 4 capsules daily.
  • Week 2: If you notice improvements, continue with 6 capsules daily for the next two weeks. If not, increase to 8 capsules.
  • Week 3 or 4: Depending on your response:
    • If improved: Stick with 6 capsules for another two weeks.
    • If no improvement: Increase to 8 capsules daily.
  • Beyond Week 4: If you’re taking 8 capsules, continue for two more weeks.

After one month, step down to 6 capsules for two weeks, and then to 4 capsules as a maintenance dose.


After about one and a half months, once improvements are stable, maintain a dose of 4 capsules daily for ongoing support.


Approach B (Immediate Higher Dose for Active Inflammation):

First Month: For addressing active inflammation, begin with 8 capsules daily. Distribute the dosage as follows: 3 capsules in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening.

Second Month: After observing symptom relief, reduce the intake to 6 capsules daily. Continue this dosage for the entire month to consolidate the improvements.

Subsequent Period: Transition to a maintenance dose of 4 capsules per day for ongoing support.


In both approaches, it’s crucial to observe your body’s reactions and adjust the dosage as needed.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

If you follow Approach A, which recommends starting with 4 capsules daily for the first two weeks and then increasing to 6 capsules for the next two weeks before reverting to 4 capsules regularly, you’ll need more than two bottles in the first month. To determine if this product is suitable for you, a two-month trial is suggested.

For severe flare-ups, starting with 8 capsules a day is necessary, which would require almost two bottles within the first two weeks alone. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a four-bottle bundle initially.

The maintenance dosage is 4 capsules per day to manage inflammation, so even if you only take 4 a day, it’s beneficial to purchase at least 4 bottles.

Capsule Intake Instructions:
Maintain an interval of one hour between consuming PH Gastrilex capsules and eating food or taking other medications/substances. This helps ensure optimal absorption and effectiveness of the capsules

When PH Gastrilex interacts with the inflamed area, it may produce gas and bloating. This typically occurs within the first one to three weeks. The discomfort is an indication that PH Gastrilex is active in the body. At any stage, you can consult your family doctor or contact us with any questions.

Store the product in a cool, dry, and shaded place. Do not refrigerate. Do not leave it in a closed car or exposed to direct sunlight.

As with many users who have experienced positive effects from the product, it is recommended to ensure continuity. Based on our experience, placing your next order with a three-week buffer is advised to maintain consistent usage.

The product is a nutritional solution and does not require a prescription. Pregnant and nursing women, individuals taking prescription medication, and children should consult with a physician before use. Additionally, individuals with hypercalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, or hypercalciuria should not use the product.

Yes, IGC provides a refund policy for unopened packages. If you are dissatisfied with the product or if it does not meet your expectations, you can contact our customer support within the designated timeframe to request a refund. Please note that this policy applies to unopened packages, and only applies to the first order. please be aware that certain terms and conditions may apply. Our customer support team will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the refund process.

For additional details, please refer to our refund policy page.

PH Gastrilex

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), this product boasts 96% purity with no preservatives, utilizing nano-amorphous technology.

The pill features a slow-release mechanism in the gut that initiates a hybrid action, balancing the pH at inflammation sites and aiding in the recovery of damaged areas through increased mineral absorption, thanks to the size of the nano-amorphous minerals.

PH Gastrilex has achieved a high satisfaction rate of 90% among Crohn’s patients.

Patient testimonials

“After two weeks on PH Gastrilex I started normal functioning. I started eating things I didn’t dare touch for years”. Rona, Author of Romantic Novels, battling Crohn’s disease.

Rona Sharon, Battling Crohn’s and Other Gastrointestinal Diseases

“I feel completely normal – it’s a miracle. I function normally and eat normally.” Oded Levy, battling Crohn’s disease.

Oded Levy, Battling Crohn’s Disease

“I tried everything and still suffered from excruciating pain.” Oded Levy, Director of Construction, battling Crohn’s disease.

Ohad, Battling Crohn’s Disease

“PH Gastrilex gave me back control over my life.” Kochi Manovella, Battling Crohn’s Disease”

 Kochi Manovella, Battling Crohn’s Disease

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Our recommendation for first time users:

If you are a new customer, your satisfaction and positive results are our top priority.

This is why we recommend starting with three packages for your initial trial. Typically, you can expect to notice improvements within 3 to 4 weeks of regular use.

Should the product not meet your expectations or fail to deliver results, we offer a money-back guarantee on each unopened package