About Us

Our Vision

At inflammation global care, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of inflammatory disorders like Crohn’s and colitis. Our foundation is a groundbreaking scientific discovery by Israeli researchers, harnessing the anti-inflammatory power of amorphous nano minerals. Our vision is to blend this innovative technology with dietary strategies, offering personalized programs to manage chronic inflammation effectively. We are committed to improving patients’ lives through our unique, scientifically backed approach, making a significant impact in gastrointestinal health care.

The inflammation global care (IGC) was founded thanks to breakthrough technology developed in Israel to treat Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The IGC is proud to introduce Gastrilex, created through collaboration with Ben-Gurion University and the Amorphical Company. Just as the microchip revolutionized the tech world, so too does this technology redefine the medical landscape. Gastrilex is based on research involving the unique properties of the blue crayfish. Researchers discovered that blue crayfish can regenerate their shells in a few days, unlike other crabs. This is possible because the blue crayfish is able to self-produce amorphous minerals that have loose bonds and can move easily and reach specific areas by utilizing this pioneering approach that harnesses the potential of amorphous minerals to directly alter the pH level of inflammation. This revolutionary method presents a novel pathway to treat a range of gastro diseases that were previously considered insurmountable. But the innovation doesn’t stop at the molecular level.

The innovative technology is complemented by the holistic care provided by Adi Zusman, a highly regarded clinical dietitian.

Zusman’s comprehensive guidance ensures that patients are treated not only with a revolutionary product, but also with a holistic regimen that incorporates lifestyle and dietary recommendations.
By using Gastrilex alone, patients experienced a 78% improvement in symptoms while with Gastrilex’s formula and Zusman’s expert guidance, patients experience an 88% improvement in symptoms.
To enhance its patient-centered approach, IGC offers an online self assessment quiz designed to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of their condition. With this platform, patients are efficiently directed toward the most appropriate wellness option, whether Gastrilex is used alone or in conjunction with Zusman’s specialized support. This transformative healthcare innovation was born in Israel, but IGC is poised to bring it to the world. From Israel to every corner of the world, IGC is shining a beacon of promise for gastroenterology patients worldwide. This makes Gastrilex, supported by Adi Zusman’s expertise and empowered by IGC’s advanced platform, a game-changer in global healthcare.

PH Gastrilex

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), this product boasts 96% purity with no preservatives, utilizing nano-amorphous technology.

The pill features a slow-release mechanism in the gut that initiates a hybrid action, balancing the pH at inflammation sites and aiding in the recovery of damaged areas through increased mineral absorption, thanks to the size of the nano-amorphous minerals.

PH Gastrilex has achieved a high satisfaction rate of 90% among Crohn’s patients.

Our recommendation for first time users:

If you are a new customer, your satisfaction and positive results are our top priority.

This is why we recommend starting with three packages for your initial trial. Typically, you can expect to notice improvements within 3 to 4 weeks of regular use.

Should the product not meet your expectations or fail to deliver results, we offer a money-back guarantee on each unopened package