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As a clinical dietitian with more than 30 years of experience, and a developer of an innovative approach to treating digestive disorders, I was astonished by amorphous minerals’ ability to improve Crohn’s disease and other IBD disorders which is a gamechanger who can change the life of millions of patients.
Through the use of this innovative technology, I am able to treat my patients more efficiently in a way that science didn’t know before.

The “Traffic Light” Method Of The Gastro-Integrative Approach. This Method Has Been Developed Based On My Personal Journey, Insights, And Research Into The Fascinating Connection Between Nutrition And Bowel Diseases. When I First Started My Clinic, I Encountered Numerous Patients Who Diligently Followed The Traditional Nutritional Recommendations For Bowel Diseases, Yet They Continued To Suffer From Severe Symptoms. This Puzzled Me And Prompted Me To Question The Existing Approaches. Along The Way, I Met Individuals Who Had Achieved Remission Through Dietary And Cognitive Changes, Which Sparked A Deep Curiosity Within Me. Driven By This Curiosity, I Embarked On A Quest To Understand The Role Of Nutrition In Digestive Diseases. I Delved Into Scientific Literature, Examining Studies And Gathering Knowledge That Would Challenge The Prevailing Beliefs.

Through My Research, I Discovered A Gap Between The Recommendations Given To Patients And Their Intuitive Understanding Of Their Own Bodies. This Realization Motivated Me To Explore New Avenues And Design My Own Approach.
The “Traffic Light” Method Is My Response To The Limitations I Discovered. It Is Based On A Set Of Principles That I Have Come To Believe In Strongly. Firstly, I Reject The Idea That Diseases Are Mistakes Or Malfunctions In The Body. Instead, I View Them As Signals That Something Is Out Of Balance. Our Bodies Have Evolved Over Millions Of Years, And I Find It Hard To Believe That They Would Suddenly Turn Against Themselves. Diseases, Especially Digestive Disorders, Are Wake-Up Calls For Us To Listen And Take Action.

Secondly, I Believe That Maintaining Intestinal Health Is A Gradual Process. Just As Nature Changes Gradually From One Season To Another, Diseases Don’t Appear Overnight But Develop Over Time. By Recognizing The Early Signs Of Imbalance And Taking Proactive Measures, We Can Better Manage Our Health And Potentially Prevent The Onset Of Diseases.
Lastly, I Emphasize The Importance Of A Holistic Approach. As Complex Beings, Our Health Is Influenced By Various Factors. It’s Essential To Address All Aspects Of Our Lives To Achieve Optimal Well-Being. The “Traffic Light” Method Embraces This Idea And Encourages A Multidisciplinary Approach That Combines Nutrition, Lifestyle Changes, And Other Therapeutic Methods.

The Method Itself Consists Of Three Stages: Red, Yellow, And Green. In The Red Stage, We Start With A Limited Menu That Focuses On Lean Meat, Fish, Eggs, Steamed Vegetables, And Soft Fruits. We Gradually Expand The Menu Based On Individual Digestive Capacity. Through Careful Observation And Adjustments, We Have Seen Significant Improvements In Disease Activity In Our Patients.
I Want To Emphasize That The “Traffic Light” Method Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Solution. It Requires Personalization And Ongoing Monitoring. But I Firmly Believe That By Following This Approach, We Can Make Significant Strides In Managing And Treating Bowel Diseases.

By Combining The Traffic Light Method and Ph Gastrilex, Patients Can Experience A Synergistic Effect. The Traffic Light Method Provides A Foundation For Overall Health Improvement, While Ph Gastrilex Offers Precise And Potent Anti-Inflammatory support. This Integrated Approach Addresses The Root Causes Of Bowel Diseases And Provides Patients With A Comprehensive Solution.

Together, These Two Methodologies Offer A Holistic, Personalized, And Effective support plan. By Considering Nutrition, Lifestyle Changes, And Targeted Anti-Inflammatory support, Individuals Can Achieve Optimal Well-Being And Manage Their Bowel Diseases More Effectively. This Combination Represents A Significant Advancement In The Field, Revolutionizing The Landscape Of Digestive Health And Offering New Hope For Patients Seeking Relief From Chronic Conditions.

Thank you for considering this journey with me. I look forward to being a part of your path to better health.
With professional dedication,

Adi Zusman,
Clinical Dietitian and Innovator in Digestive Health.

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With professional dedication,

Adi Zusman,
Clinical Dietitian and Innovator in Digestive Health

PH Gastrilex

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), this product boasts 96% purity with no preservatives, utilizing nano-amorphous technology.

The pill features a slow-release mechanism in the gut that initiates a hybrid action, balancing the pH at inflammation sites and aiding in the recovery of damaged areas through increased mineral absorption, thanks to the size of the nano-amorphous minerals.

PH Gastrilex has achieved a high satisfaction rate of 90% among Crohn’s patients.

Our recommendation for first time users:

If you are a new customer, your satisfaction and positive results are our top priority.

This is why we recommend starting with three packages for your initial trial. Typically, you can expect to notice improvements within 3 to 4 weeks of regular use.

Should the product not meet your expectations or fail to deliver results, we offer a money-back guarantee on each unopened package