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Inflammation stands as the foremost challenge in the realm of medicine, a double-edged sword that acts both as a crucial defense mechanism and, paradoxically, a primary contributor to a myriad of health issues, including aging, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. In the relentless pursuit of a solution, researchers at Ben Gurion University have cast their gaze upon a remarkable aquatic dweller: the blue crayfish. This extraordinary creature possesses unique capabilities that may just hold the key to mitigating the detrimental effects of inflammation.

Researchers in Israel have discovered that blue crayfish living in sweet water environments with very small mineral content can regenerate their shells within a few days. In contrast, other crabs that live in salty water filled with minerals still take about a month to regenerate their shells, limbs, and different kinds of cells.

And why is that? Through its ability to create an amorphous (shapeless) mineral from natural minerals, the blue crayfish’s amorphous mineral is different as it does not have a well-defined structure. Its nanometric composition, 1,000,000 times smaller in volume than the crystalline form, makes it capable of reaching any cell that the known crystalline elements cannot reach. This unique characteristic may be the key to its potential health benefits.

This ultra-fine particle demonstrates an extraordinary ability to navigate the acidic extracellular environment and deliver targeted treatment. By effectively alkalizing inflammatory sites and restoring optimal pH levels, the formulation eradicates inflammation throughout the body in a balanced and comprehensive manner. It reaches every cell, providing the necessary nutrients.

Upon encountering imbalanced pH levels, the carbonate ions promptly transform into bicarbonate, the body’s inherent regulator, thus providing the essential augmentation necessary for physiological homeostasis. This is actually a hybrid solution because, on one hand, it balances the pH levels, and on the other hand, the amorphous minerals increase absorption in the body and assist in restoring damaged areas. This breakthrough revolutionizes the treatment of chronic inflammation, offering a more natural and potent approach to managing inflammatory bowel diseases and beyond.

Through collaboration with Ben Gurion University and Amorphical, we have succeeded in synthesizing, stabilizing, and preserving Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) a unique bioactive, nanometric composition, in a vegan manner, without using the actual blue crayfish in the process.

Amorphical holds 130 patents related to their special formula and unique transformation mechanisms, and now IGC offers this solution worldwide.

The discovery of amorphous elements and their anti-inflammatory properties offers new hope for millions of people suffering from chronic inflammation. As research continues, amorphous minerals could become a significant tool in the battle against autoimmune disorders and improve the lives of those affected by these conditions.

A visualization of an area inflamed with Crohn’s disease

A visualization of an area inflamed with Crohn’s disease

Gastrilex offers a hybrid solution that combines getting to the inflammatory site, adjusting the pH level, and providing the essential minerals that the body needs to heal the inflammation sites. One of the patents that makes this product so unique is the delivery method. This allows the compound to stay intact while traveling through the stomach and only become active and slowly release when it passes through the inflammatory area in the gut, making it suitable for Crohn’s and other IBD disorders. Due to that ability and the amorphous nature of the material, more active ingredients can reach their final destination.

PH Gastrilex

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), this product boasts 96% purity with no preservatives, utilizing nano-amorphous technology.

The pill features a slow-release mechanism in the gut that initiates a hybrid action, balancing the pH at inflammation sites and aiding in the recovery of damaged areas through increased mineral absorption, thanks to the size of the nano-amorphous minerals.

PH Gastrilex has achieved a high satisfaction rate of 90% among Crohn’s patients.

Patient testimonials

“After two weeks on PH Gastrilex I started normal functioning. I started eating things I didn’t dare touch for years”. Rona, Author of Romantic Novels, battling Crohn’s disease.

Rona Sharon, Battling Crohn’s and Other Gastrointestinal Diseases

“I feel completely normal – it’s a miracle. I function normally and eat normally.” Oded Levy, battling Crohn’s disease.

Oded Levy, Battling Crohn’s Disease

“I tried everything and still suffered from excruciating pain.” Oded Levy, Director of Construction, battling Crohn’s disease.

Ohad, Battling Crohn’s Disease

“PH Gastrilex gave me back control over my life.” Kochi Manovella, Battling Crohn’s Disease”

 Kochi Manovella, Battling Crohn’s Disease

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